Finally it’s blog time!

Full disclosure.

No excuses. I am very late to the blog party. But I am here at last, ready to ramble on about things that interest me. Things like accurate research. Great food. Artisanal chocolate. Travel. Single varietal chocolate. Or maybe some other kinds of chocolate. This week I am prepping some quick but delicious recipes to share with you in time for holiday parties and family gatherings. Why? Because I love to cook. Love. To. Cook.

And I’ll share my very favorite recipes as we count down to the end of the year.

Things like poblano chile peppers baked with sharp cheese, carmelized onions and bacon. Bacon deviled eggs (recipe via a dear friend — more about that later!) Tortilla soup. Chocolate custard.

Yum. First recipe coming soon.

Meanwhile, have you seen the new Bond movie? What did you think of his new suits? Skin tight much? If you missed the whole flap about the new Bond look, in a nutshell a lot of people think Bond wasn’t nearly as sartorial this time around. Fabric too tight. Shoulders too narrow. Pants that pulled up. The tailoring was trendy to an extreme. Not at all like the bastion of taste we have come to expect.


Yes, we could talk about serious things like world peace and a cure for the common cold. And we will! But meanwhile….why not weigh in on the new Bond look? What do you say? One martini, shaken not stirred, up? Or down?



While you make up your mind, here’s a clip of OO7 with his new Quartermaster. 🙂 I love this casting. Unexpected. Quirky. But it absolutely works for me!


“Or not pulled. It’s hard to know which — in your pajamas.”








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