Christmas At The Abbey

Christmas At The AbbeyDear reader,

This is my favorite time of year. I love bundling under a warm blanket to read and dream–and plan new books! This year, to celebrate the season, I wanted to offer you something very special.

Not a shiny gift card.

Not a calorie-laden box of candy. (Well, I did consider that!)

Instead this year I have a story for you. Sit down and be comfortable while I whisper a tale of loss, of love betrayed and found again. It has haunted me for months and Adrian demanded that I get every detail right. He was there, after all. It is his story too.

Next week a brand new Draycott Abbey tale will be heading your way. I know that you have been asking for another installment again and again. Now it’s almost here.

Keep your eyes on and along with my Facebook page for all the details.

This story is my very special gift to you as the year ends.

While Christmas draws near and the first snowfall of winter veils the abbey, old hatreds spring to life. They will bring danger to a woman betrayed by those she trusts most. Wounded and lost, she will seek haven within the abbey’s ancient granite walls. But her enemies are closer than she knows.

Only one man can save her. And he has been dead for 200 years.

I’ll be waiting for you at the abbey…..

Christina Skye


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