Such wonderful news. :-)

Seducing the Rake

Seducing the Rake

No. Not that lovely couple above. Yes, the ones from the cover of Seducing the Rake. Although it is pretty wonderful to see a complete new version of that book finally available after all these years.

But the really great news came today from Booklist Magazine. They chose my book, The Accidental Bride, for their top 10 best romances of 2013.

Here’s what they wrote.

I just had to share it with you. 🙂




Wit and wise comedy are cherished hallmarks of the romance genre, and humor sharp and tender abounds in the 10 best titles reviewed in Booklist between September 15, 2012, and September 1, 2013, whether set in Regency England or present-day Wyoming. Not to say that serious matters of trust, faith, and love arent also addressed in these captivating tales.

The Accidental Bride. By Christina Skye. 2012.

Jilly loves being a chef, but the stress is killing her. Off she goes to the Lost Creek Resort in Wyoming for a calming knitting retreat, but instead, she meets Walker Hale.

Wait. Can you guess my favorite part of the review?

Rich with realistically complex characters and subtle wit, the latest addition to Skyes Summer Island series is as warm and comforting as a well-knit afghan. Skye perfectly captures the feel and appeal of small-town life, and this sweetly satisfying romance is an excellent read-alikes suggestion for fans of Debbie Macombers Cedar Cove series or Robyn Carrs Virgin River books.”

—–John Charles


Thanks to Booklist.

What an amazing thrill to be chosen for this prestigious list.

But mostly, I am thrilled for Jilly and Walker. Writers are not supposed to have favorites, but if I did – well, these two would be it!


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