Update on this past year…

Recently several readers have asked me about Bound by Night, the planned sequel to Bound by Dreams.

Unfortunately, that was a book I planned to write but the project was put on hold. I hope to write it someday, as I love the characters, but I don’t have specific plans at present.

Currently I am hard at work editing and revising all my backlist historicals. That has been my job for the last six months! I have currently finished five of them, with several more to go. In the process, I remembered how much I love writing historicals.

I love the research, I love the wit, and I love the rich and exciting plots. 🙂

Since these books were never available in digital versions, I am taking time to make them even stronger, adding new content and expanding the plot elements.


I’ve also been updating the early Draycott Abbey books that were never in digital formats before. So it has been a VERY busy year for me. I hope to be caught up by the end of 2013.

Then on to brand new stories!

Keep an eye on my website (www.christinaskye.com) for information about new books. Also if you sign up for my newsletter, you will get first notice of all my upcoming projects.

Hope you are having a wonderful fall.

Happy reading!


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