QUESTION: I read your books. They are very well written. I am trying to find about the story of story of Ian Delamere. Is there one that was written …

ANSWER: Hello.

Thanks for writing.

I have not yet written Ian’s book. I had planned to finish both his book and a book for Connor MacKinnon but I changed publishers and they did not want me to continue with that series. 🙁

I do plan to write those books in the future, but I cannot give you a date yet. Right now I’m focused on continuing my contemporary series set in Oregon.

But I will definitely be writing more Delamere books in the future.
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Happy reading.


QUESTION: In the author’s note in Bound By Dreams, you mentioned, Bound By Night. I didn’t see it in the B&N e-book web site. Is it out and if not, any guess when its planned for.

ANSWER: I am so glad that you enjoyed Bound by Dreams. Unfortunately, my plans to write the sequel were put on hold as my publisher did not want me to continue with the Draycott Abbey series.

Bound by Night was my planned next book.

In the meantime, I have written a sequence of contemporaries with related characters. It is the Summer Island series, set on an island in Oregon, with four linked books and related characters.

I have also written a spinoff book set at Draycott Abbey, called FALLEN. That is only available as an e-book. But it is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You might enjoy that one.

I intend to continue the Draycott Abbey series in the future, but I don’t have a date right now. My plans this year, in addition to updating all the ebook editions of my historicals and older Draycotts and contemporaries (! ) is to write two new contemporaries.

More Draycott books will come soon after that.

Thanks again for writing!

If you would like a set of bookmarks and recipe cards, please email me your mailing address and I will send those out to you. It is a small thank you for enjoying the series.

I wish I could write faster, believe me!

All the best,

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  1. Kathy Oster says:

    I’ve enjoyed and started collecting your Draycott Abbey books and Code Name books. Please send me a list of all your titles so I can complete my library. Please send me your recipes. You’ve also got me learning to knit. Please continue the excellant work.

    • denisedomning says:

      Hi Kathy, Here’s the link to the books that Christina has published on her own. She has a number of books that are still held by her previous publishers. The hope is to recover these sometime in the near future and make them available again. the book list. And here’s the link for all the recipes that she uploaded to her site. Thanks for writing!

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