Happy Holidays!

Time to share more fun and good cheer!  Not in the Regency period this time. Closer to home with two superb actors.

This is one of my favorite movie scenes and one of my favorite singers.

Absolutely love this ending, after all the nonstop travails the two main characters had to suffer at the hands of the manipulative Robert DeNiro. Lol.  Talk about a thwarted wedding. They had the ceremony from hell.
But everything worked out in the end….

And in case you forgot what had come earlier…

Yet another argument between Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro. 🙂

You look lousy. You alright?

Listen, Paul, please don’t send me any more gifts.

You didn’t like the fountain?

That’s not the point. It’s a boundary issue.

Boundary issue? I say if more people gave from the heart, we’d all be better off. Let’s see your watch.

(He frowns at Crystal’s wrist.) Piece of junk. You’re getting a Rolex.

Don’t buy me a Rolex!

Who said anything about buying it?

And when you see the fountains geysering in the final scene, just tell me that there is nothing Freudian about that!

This is one movie that stands the test of time.



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