Surviving after Downton

 The day has come.

The banns have been read, and the wedding cake has been cut.  The laughter and tears are gone. The halls of the great house are silent now.

Except in our minds and hearts.

It was an unforgettable journey that changed us a little. Each whirlwind moment of emotion in a time of change made us understand a grand house that embodied the best of English culture.

So how are we going to fill our time now, post Downton?


After much thought, I did what I always do in times of stress. I came up with a list. 🙂

Consider this my own Masterpiece Theater therapy.

I’ll be happy to share my top 5 coping methods, derived from much anxiety and research.(YMMV of course. Some of us had a far deeper addiction love than others did. Raising my hand here…)

The post Downton list

1. Dark chocolate.

No. Just no.

Not a great idea if you want to keep your current dress size or anything close.


.2. Wine.  Actually, this one was not a good idea either.

No further details given.


3. Exercise.  Much better.

Jogging really does work, especially when you are too distracted by an incipient asthma attack to worry about how things are going with Anna and Bates and the new baby.

4. Good books. Lots of good books.

Anything by Mary Stewart. I suggest The Ivy Tree, followed by Touch Not the Cat.

After that grab a Regency by Georgette Heyer. Any one of hers set in that period. The Devil’s Cub remains a particular favorite.

5. After the above four worked, but only minimally, I took up hand sewing.  Seriously.  The detail and fine motor skills are a wonderful way to focus, yet at the same time relax.  Every patient stitch reminds me of  the beautiful costumes lavished on every Downton episode.


I have more to say about costumes and fine textiles and the history of lingerie.  Watch for that in my next post.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy a book with romance and historical adventure, modern Gothic mysteries that showcase smart, independent heroines, my Draycott Abbey books are being offered in a special promotion event this week.

 In  memory of Downton Abbey and all we need to do to keep our minds off the the series ending. For this week only, Hour of the Rose and Bride of the Mist are available at the special price of $.99.  Fallen is free this week also.  And look for reader-favorite, Key to Forever, now available for the first time in digital format.


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Okay, the housekeeping is done. I hope you find a good book to enjoy. And now one last, loving look, because I simply could not resist.

Lady Sybil learns to cook.





With happy memories…..


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