Are you ready?

For Christmas yet? And for your holiday gift giving?


I didn’t think so!  🙂 Confession– I am definitely not even close.

On the other hand, I have actually started making a few gifts. Handmade gifts take a long time to finish, but I always think it’s worth the effort. There is something so special about a gift made slowly, with care and intention…

Call me old-fashioned!

Speaking of handmades, I will be posting a knitted glove pattern next week. These require very little yarn– but make adorable gifts. Quite trendy right now too.

But first. My special gift to you. 🙂 A Highlander for Christmas is available right now as a free download at Use this link to grab your copy.

Enjoy! But please don’t delay as this promotion will last for a limited time.  I’m happy to say that this sizzling, complex Highland paranormal romance remains one of my all-time favorite stories. Why?

imageOh, that part is easy!

I loved the hero.

I loved the heroine.

I totally loved the dog. 🙂

I’ll post a short excerpt below, with one of favorite scenes.

And I hope that you enjoy this early taste of Highland magic, just in time to start planning for Christmas.

PS. I know many of you are longtime readers, and you probably have the book already. If so, you might consider emailing the link to a friend who would enjoy this moody Scottish romance.  I call it a great way to pass out your holiday gifts early this year!

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