Are you sick of new year resolutions? Be honest. :-)


2017 is here.

 Happy New Year!

Well…kind of. 

Wait, what does that mean–kind of? After all, it’s a new year and everything is a fresh beginning, right?

But here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of the year and the start of what’s brand spanking new. The way I see it, new is always a good thing. Right?

Kind of.

It should be. It can be. But like it or not, newness can bring all kinds of crazy, tangled up thinking.

So this is my question. Did your new year bring anxiety and rapid breathing rather than eager anticipation?
Were you hit by a storm of impossible resolutions and teeth-gnashing self-criticism?

I say ENOUGH of all that.
Instead of resolutions ( which are usually unrealistic and impossible to keep), why not take some time to pat yourself on the back. Instead of worrying, why not remember all the hard work completed and all the wonderful things discovered over the last year? Count the times you helped a friend or shared a burden. Take a deep breath and acknowledge something you did that made you feel wonderful.

See. That’s a far more auspicious way to start a new year!

As for me, I am nearly done with a new book. I am aiming for a spring release. (Which month, I still don’t know!). Watch for new excerpts coming soon.  And 5 lucky readers are going to win advanced reading copies too! Be sure to sign up for my email and get yourself on the list.

Meanwhile, not to jump the gun, but I really want to celebrate getting close to the finish line. As a mini-celebration, I have one of my favorite historicals featured in a new Amazon and Bookbub promotion beginning tomorrow.  Yay!

Jump over to Amazon  and grab a copy of COME THE DAWN.  It’s the second book in my Dangerous Delameres  series, featuring the indomitable heiress who first appeared in COME THE NIGHT. India Delamere is about to find out that  everything she thought was true was wrong – and everything she thought she had lost was only misplaced. But it won’t be easy.  Because dangerous secrets about to be revealed, and India needs a strong and fearless protector.

Lucky for her, I have the perfect man for the job.



I hope you will enjoy India’s bravery, wit and non-stop adventures in COME THE NIGHT. And while you are cruising Amazon, why not grab a few other titles? 7 different books will be offered at a special discounted price over the rest of this week. Dig in!

Here’s a direct link to COME THE DAWN.

Might as well pick up COME THE NIGHT while you’re there, in case you missed Luc’s story.

Why not pick up SEDUCING THE RAKE while you’re there, too?

You can also find several of my Draycott Abbey paranormals offered for a special promotional price. (Limited time only.)




That’s a lot of books. 🙂


And get ready for a new year filled with wonderful and unexpected possibilities.

Happy reading…

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