Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting.

It’s official.

I belong to the wrong time. Probably the wrong continent.

I would far rather have had a root canal give up chocolate for six months than forego my Downton evening.  The Oscars just did not compare.  All I could think of was the twisting and unresolved plot lines like a torment.

So now it’s seven more days until I find out if Edith will find eternal bliss.  If Mary will find her courage. If Barrow will find his new employment.

If Carson will stop picking on his new wife’s cooking! I mean, enough already.




But I have a suggestion to fill your time, until the curtain rises again on the shenanigans of the great house.

I suggest you read a wonderful historical, available in a very special offer, from “a writer of immense power.” (Romantic Times Magazine.)

Grab your copy here. Get ready to be transported to 12th century England. (Where the shenanigans are at least equal to the Crawley carryings-on.)


Autumn’s Flame http://www.amazon.com/Autumns-Flame-Seasons-Book-4-ebook/dp/B014S0VV0U

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At Downton Abbey, change is in the air…or is it?

Another stirring episode.

The night ended in tears.

It brought sympathy for people who never seemed to deserve it. The future lays unclear like the storm that swept through the London night.

All the while, passions were advanced and passions were delicately delayed.

 This is the social dance as only Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes of West Stafford, can create it. Now as we move into the stirring finale of the Downton Abbey saga, change hangs on the horizon.

 Some are worried.

Some are angry.  Some are befuddled. Most are simply caught in denial.

 Lady Mary, as ever, is bitchy arrogant irritating staunch.

“This is weakling talk!”

 (Well, we all know that weak is not a word to describe this lady.)

But will Barrow truly be cast out?

Will the hallowed abbey corridors be thrown open to — gasp!–paying visitors?

  Carson gave the last word on this one.


Next thing you know

Changes at Downton?

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Second thoughts…

The Dowager Countess of Grantham has the last word.  Again.

No one can call her a wimp.

She is not friendly.  She is not scrutable. She is not even particularly…nice. But she has shown singular heart to the downstairs staff, on occasion.

Here are some snippets of fine English etiquette, according to the dowager.

(“Because I want the pleasure of saying ‘I told you so.'”)


Second thoughts are highly overrated

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Downton Abbey Best Quote

Another Downton moment as Violet hits the mark and draws blood.

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Downton Abbey – Best Downton Quotes

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Downton Abbey….episode 2

So here we are again.

Hours before episode 2. More emotions than before as we move toward the ending notes of that stirring musical score.

By the way, did you know who composed that score? And who his favorite character is to compose for?

(The first person who responds with the two correct answers in the comments on Facebook will win a copy of my newly released digital Draycott Abbey eBook, Key to FOREVER. Yay– I always love a good contest.)

But now for a quick recap of episode 1 – and a spoiler alert for anyone who does NOT intend to watch this season now! Do not read on! Key details ahead…

Did you see that plot twist with Lady Mary coming? I admit, it caught me completely by surprise. The revelation was seeing a nice bit of backbone by Mary in refusing to be blackmailed, no matter the scandal.

(Wait–wasn’t blackmail and scandal for Mary how the whole series began years ago??)

The second revelation for me was her father as the calm and unexpected hero. Cool, quiet, but ruthless in dealing with a scoundrel, he rose perfectly to the occasion. It was a lovely moment indeed. I only wish Lady Mary had shown a hint more true emotion in their conversation. How memorable to see a glint of tears or maybe a touch of a trembling hand for her father. What a lovely scene between the two of them. And perfect for the final season.

But Lady Mary is not exactly known for showing emotion, is she?

Next item in the plot. To me, the conflict between the dowagers is simply not working. Putting their conflict on a personal level would have been so much more effective. While the subject of their hospital dispute is important and relevant to the estate and region, it doesn’t register the emotional impact that a personal conflict might hold.

Quibbles, I know. But I’m grasping at every moment because I went to see Maggie using all her amazing array of acting skills. And all the time the clock is ticking. The age of great estates in England is nearing a melancholy end, while the Crawley family faces the hardest kind of decisions.

Maybe Tom will return a millionaire and rescue the old way of life!

Like so many others, I will be frozen in anticipation tonight as the stirring music begins again.

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January 2016 First, a very BIG thank you!

It has been a busy and unpredictable year for the world, for publishing and for all of us who love to read and to write books. (I think it is true that every writer started out as a fanatic reader!)

Every New Year’s Day for the last decade savants and economic “experts” have declared that books were passé and that publishing was dead.

Ha. Looks like they were wrong!

There are more published authors than ever before and more titles available than anyone dreamed possible.  Every niche and subject has specialty books easily available.  These are all reasons to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the way we write and read has changed. The way we share our likes and dislikes has changed. Pricing has become a roller coaster and the local corner bookstore that we knew and loved has sadly gone the way of the dinosaur.

But books continue to be near and dear to our hearts  and I pray that never changes, whether we read them on a tablet, listen to them in our cars or enjoy then via our cell phones.

I am optimistic about the potential for new books and new voices.  I savor the idea that new and exotic subjects will find their way into print, when traditional publishers would not have taken a chance on them.

Most of all, keep reading and we as authors will keep writing.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but delving into the secrets of the characters that I love.  And there are many more stories yet to be told, contemporary, historical, suspense  and paranormal.

And for the opening of 2016 I’m thrilled that for the first time a classic Draycott Abbey book is available in digital format. Originally titled Key to Forever, the new book is renamed One Enchanted Night.  If you missed it, grab it HERE. 🙂

I have made some changes throughout and the new cover is extraordinarily moody and dramatic.

Here is a sample. I hope you’ll enjoy this story of  two stubborn lovers and the dangerous secrets both have hidden too long.

I also hope you will look for my beloved Regency historical, Come the Night. For a very short time it is available for free on Amazon.

You can buy it now here on Amazon.

But grab it fast. It won’t be free for long! And really, who can resist a highwayman?

There are more books coming soon, but I will stop here for now.

I hope you savor One Enchanted Night and the search for the haunted sword.

And thank you for enjoying this crazy book publishing adventure along with me.
Have a wonderful 2016.

Happy reading!

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Downton Returns!

Since I happen to write a fictional paranormal romantic/ historical series set at at an English manor called Draycott Abbey, I am understandably fascinated by the “cultural
juggernaut” that began its sixth series last night.

Yes I am referring to Downton Abbey. Beloved to the point of hysteria, the series has been a part of our lives for five years as we follow the joys and tribulations of the
aristocratic Crawley family. Seeing the servants’ affairs and adversities is more than half
the fun. For me at least.

Did you love the scene of Mary and the dashing Mr. Blake chasing pigs through the mud as much as I did?

But last night we came to the sixth and final season. Bittersweet indeed to know that we do not have many more Sunday nights to spend with the high-born family we’ve come to know and admire.

And I do admit, I was almost tempted to boycott the season.

Yes, boycott. Then I would ALWAYS have the last season shows to watch, tucked away
for a rainy day when I needed them.

But I am afraid my willpower did not hold. Every one of my friends was watching and
talking about the broody plot twists. How could I not join in?

So last night I was at the TV with so many of you. Waiting to see if Mary finally finds happiness. Hoping to watch Mrs. Hughes and Carson find true commitment. (DId not see THAT plot twist coming!) Praying that Tom returns safe and well from across the ocean.

We had a delicious return to Downton last night. We can savor the last, wonderful days of an unforgettable cultural experience with Maggie Smith as reigning queen of correctness and dry wit, while England perches on the edge of huge change.

Unforgettable. But oh so bittersweet.

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VERY limited time special pricing!!!!!!!!

bride_of_the_mistAlert to readers!

One of my favorite Draycott Abbey books is free right now, only for 3 days.

Grab it fast and enjoy the haunted Highland magic. Because there really is something about a man in a kilt…



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Breaking books news from Christina Skye

christinaskyeDon’t you love the first crisp days of  fall?  Isn’t the sudden brisk rush of autumn air amazing?

I’m delighted to report that fall has finally come sweeping into Summer Island. The trees are splashing their bright leaves against the azure sky and the cove is mostly empty these days.

Only an occasional hardy jogger stops to enjoy the water view, along with oblivious lovers holding hands while they whisper private promises. But the bright lights of the Harbor House Cafe always beckon, drawing long lines for chef Jilly’s special loaded corn chowder. Her chocolate cheesecake with mango chipotle sauce has never tasted better.

Cashmere and merino yarns gleam in bright colors on the shelves of the local yarn shop, where Olivia holds court with the occasional help of the handsome new sheriff – who just happens to be her adoring husband.

Meanwhile, up at the animal shelter, Doc Lindstrom is as busy as ever. There seem to be more strays than usual this season and each one breaks the old vet’s heart. He has sworn never to turn away an animal in need, though it is a hard vow to keep.

Which is how he comes to meet a sad-eyed wanderer with a sick dog in her arms. Annie Monroe is at the end of her rope when fate brings her out of a storm into the comforting lights of Summer Island.

Soon the whole town takes Annie and her dog under their care – whether she wants their help or not. Clearly this is a woman with a difficult past. But the vet refuses to pry into her secrets. All he can do is lend a helping hand until he gains her trust.

And that might take a few centuries!

But Annie’s story can wait a few more weeks. Right now four old friends are about to find that life will lead them down twisting paths to unexpected adventures. At the end of each road, their hearts and hopes will be tested.

Mr MiracleThe Bride Wore Mistletoe is a special novella that I wrote for my great friend and multi-talented author, Debbie Macomber. My novella is included right now in the paperback edition of her best-selling Christmas book, Mr Miracle. You can purchase the two combined stories now wherever books are sold. Here are the purchase links:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes Library

The story?

When textile artist Summer O’Neal stumbles into a brooding stranger outside her shop, she thinks he might just be the man of her dreams.

But instead of sweet flattery, the English aristocrat drops a high-tech titanium handcuff on her wrist and announces that the police are on their way to arrest her. Before their night of enforced captivity is done, Summer will be halfway in love with her arrogant but deeply protective English viscount.

Dane (“the English Lord business isn’t what it used to be”) St. Pierre, Lord Ravenhurst, has a few discoveries of his own to make.  Falling in love with a smart, stubborn American like Summer has no place in his life plans.

With a complicated wedding gown to finish for a high-profile client, Summer is riding on an adrenaline wave. Can she put aside her tulle and lace long enough to discover the deep promises of a man who holds too much pain in his eyes?

Get ready for a double dose of Brides Club adventures this season!


Happy reading,

Christina Skye

PS.  Annie’s book will be released in November. My next newsletter will give you all the details, plus a nice long excerpt!  And a new contest too, of course.

Scotland photo with Debbie

Calling all readers! Here I am with Debbie Macomber in Scotland in a red phone booth.

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