Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting.

It’s official. I belong to the wrong time. Probably the wrong continent. I would far rather have had a root canal give up chocolate for six months than forego my Downton evening.  The Oscars just did not compare.  All I could think of was the twisting and unresolved plot lines like a torment. So now it’s seven… Continue Reading

At Downton Abbey, change is in the air…or is it?

Another stirring episode. The night ended in tears. It brought sympathy for people who never seemed to deserve it. The future lays unclear like the storm that swept through the London night. All the while, passions were advanced and passions were delicately delayed.  This is the social dance as only Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes… Continue Reading

Second thoughts…

The Dowager Countess of Grantham has the last word.  Again. No one can call her a wimp. She is not friendly.  She is not scrutable. She is not even particularly…nice. But she has shown singular heart to the downstairs staff, on occasion. Here are some snippets of fine English etiquette, according to the dowager. (“Because I want… Continue Reading

Downton Abbey….episode 2

So here we are again. Hours before episode 2. More emotions than before as we move toward the ending notes of that stirring musical score. By the way, did you know who composed that score? And who his favorite character is to compose for? (The first person who responds with the two correct answers in… Continue Reading

Downton Returns!

Since I happen to write a fictional paranormal romantic/ historical series set at at an English manor called Draycott Abbey, I am understandably fascinated by the “cultural juggernaut” that began its sixth series last night. Yes I am referring to Downton Abbey. Beloved to the point of hysteria, the series has been a part of… Continue Reading

VERY limited time special pricing!!!!!!!!

Alert to readers! One of my favorite Draycott Abbey books is free right now, only for 3 days. Grab it fast and enjoy the haunted Highland magic. Because there really is something about a man in a kilt… 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/Bride-Mist-Draycott-Abbey-Romance-ebook/dp/B011YGB2P0?_bbid=1419939&_bbtype=email Continue Reading

Breaking books news from Christina Skye

Don’t you love the first crisp days of  fall?  Isn’t the sudden brisk rush of autumn air amazing? I’m delighted to report that fall has finally come sweeping into Summer Island. The trees are splashing their bright leaves against the azure sky and the cove is mostly empty these days. Only an occasional hardy jogger… Continue Reading