Booklist best books list

Well.  I am dancing. Feeling a little giddy too.

What a thrill to see that one of my very favorite books has been chosen for the top best 100 romances of the last 10 years. Booklist, the prestigious library review magazine, has listed Accidental Bride at the number one position. Talk about wow moments!

Okay, okay. After I settled down, I realized that the numbering was based on titles in alphabetical order. 🙂

It didn’t make me feel the slightest bit less excited!

I love Jilly and Walker’s story of discovery, redemption and trust. Authors aren’t supposed to have favorite books – like mothers – but I have to confess, this is among my most cherished.

Some real treasures on that list.

Still pinching myself.


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I just found out that my early Navy SEAL romantic suspense is specially priced on a big promotion with Amazon today.

My SpyLast minute book news to share.  Random House is offering my very early Navy SEAL romantic  adventure at a special price for the next two days.  Grab a digital version of HOT PURSUIT at this great price while you can.  I know this offer won’t last!

And the first 25 people who email me at will receive an amazing legendary lavender hand cream recipe… You will also receive  a healthy chocolate recipe that you can feel good about eating!  And you will be entered in a contest to win an exclusive giveaway of a Christina Skye tote bag, which includes a $25 Starbucks gift card. Yummy stuff.

Enjoy HOT PURSUIT! By the way, the book is perched right at the edge of the top 100 best seller list on Amazon now.  I would love your help to lift it all the way up to the top of the Amazon list.

Thanks for being such wonderful readers. Enjoy the story.

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Barbara White Daille: What’s so fun about opposites attract?

Christina Skye, author of The Bride Wore Mistletoe

Life can hold all kinds of magic. As readers, we genuinely love to be amazed. We revel in dangerous twists, unexpected conflicts and sudden surprises.

When two completely opposite characters come crashing together, sparks fly and a reader savors every moment of dangerous discoveries to come. In my latest story, The Bride Wore Mistletoe, a rugged British hero is instantly drawn to a workaholic bridal seamstress. They are complete opposites … until magic happens. Those moments of surprise are my favorite part of being a writer!


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A Home by the Sea – French Edition

Bon jour! French edition coming!  So thrilled by this exciting news.   Here is an early look at the new cover for this  French edition of my first Summer Island book,  A Home by the Sea.

Remember Grace and her heroic lover?
And his wonderful family?



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COME THE NIGHT – Special Price!

COME THE NIGHT – Special price for a short time….

Amazon –

Barnes and Noble –

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Happy Holidays!

Time to share more fun and good cheer!  Not in the Regency period this time. Closer to home with two superb actors.

This is one of my favorite movie scenes and one of my favorite singers.

Absolutely love this ending, after all the nonstop travails the two main characters had to suffer at the hands of the manipulative Robert DeNiro. Lol.  Talk about a thwarted wedding. They had the ceremony from hell.
But everything worked out in the end….

And in case you forgot what had come earlier…

Yet another argument between Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro. 🙂

You look lousy. You alright?

Listen, Paul, please don’t send me any more gifts.

You didn’t like the fountain?

That’s not the point. It’s a boundary issue.

Boundary issue? I say if more people gave from the heart, we’d all be better off. Let’s see your watch.

(He frowns at Crystal’s wrist.) Piece of junk. You’re getting a Rolex.

Don’t buy me a Rolex!

Who said anything about buying it?

And when you see the fountains geysering in the final scene, just tell me that there is nothing Freudian about that!

This is one movie that stands the test of time.



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Happy Thanksgiving


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Post-Thanksgiving confection

And now a little post-Thanksgiving  confection… in case you didn’t have enough dessert for Thanksgiving.


My favorite scene in the


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Love the journey…


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