QUESTION: I read your books. They are very well written. I am trying to find about the story of story of Ian Delamere. Is there one that was written …

ANSWER: Hello.

Thanks for writing.

I have not yet written Ian’s book. I had planned to finish both his book and a book for Connor MacKinnon but I changed publishers and they did not want me to continue with that series. 🙁

I do plan to write those books in the future, but I cannot give you a date yet. Right now I’m focused on continuing my contemporary series set in Oregon.

But I will definitely be writing more Delamere books in the future.
If you sign up for my newsletter, I will send updates on all new books.

Happy reading.


QUESTION: In the author’s note in Bound By Dreams, you mentioned, Bound By Night. I didn’t see it in the B&N e-book web site. Is it out and if not, any guess when its planned for.

ANSWER: I am so glad that you enjoyed Bound by Dreams. Unfortunately, my plans to write the sequel were put on hold as my publisher did not want me to continue with the Draycott Abbey series.

Bound by Night was my planned next book.

In the meantime, I have written a sequence of contemporaries with related characters. It is the Summer Island series, set on an island in Oregon, with four linked books and related characters.

I have also written a spinoff book set at Draycott Abbey, called FALLEN. That is only available as an e-book. But it is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You might enjoy that one.

I intend to continue the Draycott Abbey series in the future, but I don’t have a date right now. My plans this year, in addition to updating all the ebook editions of my historicals and older Draycotts and contemporaries (! ) is to write two new contemporaries.

More Draycott books will come soon after that.

Thanks again for writing!

If you would like a set of bookmarks and recipe cards, please email me your mailing address and I will send those out to you. It is a small thank you for enjoying the series.

I wish I could write faster, believe me!

All the best,

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I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. And that you didn’t do too much shopping. :-)As for me, I haven’t had time to shop or do much of anything else. For the last six weeks I’ve been too busy working. But…now it’s FINALLY done. I’m thrilled to let you know that I have an entirely rewritten and replotted book available for you this week. It is the second book I ever wrote and even now it remains one of my very favorites.

When I walked the narrow cobblestoned streets of Rye in southern England two decades ago, the plot jumped full-blown into my head. I could swear I heard the cries of excise officers chasing desperate smugglers. And the story never let me go.

Even today, I still get goosebumps remembering how I somehow found myself lost in Needles Passage.

SEVEN NIGHTS WITH A PIRATE is the result, set in the beautiful brooding marshes of southeast England near Rye.

The time – 1813, at the height of the Napoleonic Wars.

Who– smugglers, spies and traitors.

And two brave but wounded lovers.

I completely rewrote the 700 page book, a real labor labor of love. I think the story sings now, and I’m hoping you will agree. This is a sweeping adventure for real historical fans.

And of course, there is a passionate romance at its heart.

And although my book cover is not shown in the box set, it will be repackaged at a higher price early next year. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at the gorgeous new cover.

And for the next week, SEVEN NIGHTS WITH A PIRATE is specially priced as an early Christmas gift for readers. It is part of a box set of three wonderful pirate historicals from Steel Magnolia Press. I hope you will enjoy it, and the two powerful companion books by Jennifer Blake and Lynette Vinet.

PIRATE HEARTS includes three historical romances by three award-winning, national and international bestselling authors with over 120 titles between them!

PIRATE’S BRIDE (Lynette Vinet)

Young Bethlyn Talbot, daughter of the Earl of Dunsmoor, is forced into an arranged marriage with brash colonial Ian Briston, who abandons her after the wedding ceremony. Seven years later, she sets sail for America, determined to force her husband to be just that. But when the ship is captured by the infamous American privateer, Captain Hawk, he mistakes her for a prostitute. Bethlyn becomes Hawk’s prey and succumbs to nights of passion in the arms of the masked buccaneer. But what will happen when she arrives in Philadelphia to claim her wayward spouse now that she’s known the ecstasy of being the pirate’s bride?


Driven to redeem her father’s debts, gently bred Tess Leighton dons a mask and cloak by night, running contraband across the sands of Romney Marsh. After crucial military secrets are captured enroute to Napoleon, London sends naval hero Viscount Ravenhurst to stop the elusive Romney Fox. But one kiss by moonlight invigorates his passion … and the heart he thought long dead. Then Tess is betrayed and finds herself the captive of a notorious smuggler pirate. Now two unyielding rivals swear to claim her wounded heart. But a traitor watches from the shadows, and Tess must learn who to trust before she loses everything she holds dear.

Note: this book was originally published by Dell as The Black Rose.

But I consider this a brand-new book. Every page has been changed, the characters reworked, the plot transformed. The result is one of my very favorite books.


Félicité despises the Irish colonel, Morgan McCormack, who marches into New Orleans with the Spanish conquerors, even though she’s pressed into becoming his mistress or risk losing her father and brother to charges of treason. Pride demands she escape from his beguiling embrace, but when she flees, she winds up in a pirate haven where desperate men vie to have her. Morgan follows her into the island trap, where only courage and desperate desire can possibly lead to freedom, trust … and love.

I will have a special announcement soon with my next Christmas title. And a very special Christmas bonus coming to you.

Meanwhile, to get you in the mood, here is my favorite Scottish shortbread recipe, courtesy of one very rugged Highlander.

Jared MacNeill’s traditional Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

Makes 2-1/2 dozen


1 cup pastry flour

1 tbsp loose Earl Grey tea leaves

(Preferably Trader Joe’s Lady Grey)

Approximately 4 opened bags

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup unsalted butter, soft

1/4 cup confectioner’s (powdered) sugar

1/2 tbsp orange zest — finely grated


Open the tea bags. Crush the loose tea leaves by hand to a fine powder.

Take a moment to inhale the rich scent….

Mix the tea, flour and salt.

In a separate bowl cream the butter. Once it is fluffy, add powdered sugar, orange zest and vanilla. Mix all the ingredients well. Then add the flour/tea blend in two batches. Mix well.

Shape the prepared dough on a floured surface. Divide in half.

Roll out in 1-1/2 inch diameter logs. Completely cover in plastic wrap and chill well in refrigerator.

While the oven is preheating to 350°F, cut the logs into 1 inch segments and shape into circles. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, just until the edges are golden. Do not over cook. Cool on a wire rack before serving.

Enjoy with a steaming cup of Earl Grey.

Or a crisp Riesling, if you are so inclined.

With warm regards,



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Special promotionally- priced link for Come the Night.

Just to get you in the mood for Christmas.


Come the Night , by Christina Skye, is regularly $3.99 but has been discounted to just $0.99 today in the Amazon Kindle store, and this book has received an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 72 customer reviews.

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The Tiger’s Lady


The Tiger's Lady

The Tiger’s Lady

I am thrilled to have another revised and updated historical adventure for you. This is a dark, sensual Victorian adventure that was originally titled THE RUBY.

You can grab it now a very special price! Enjoy!

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Update on this past year…

Recently several readers have asked me about Bound by Night, the planned sequel to Bound by Dreams.

Unfortunately, that was a book I planned to write but the project was put on hold. I hope to write it someday, as I love the characters, but I don’t have specific plans at present.

Currently I am hard at work editing and revising all my backlist historicals. That has been my job for the last six months! I have currently finished five of them, with several more to go. In the process, I remembered how much I love writing historicals.

I love the research, I love the wit, and I love the rich and exciting plots. 🙂

Since these books were never available in digital versions, I am taking time to make them even stronger, adding new content and expanding the plot elements.


I’ve also been updating the early Draycott Abbey books that were never in digital formats before. So it has been a VERY busy year for me. I hope to be caught up by the end of 2013.

Then on to brand new stories!

Keep an eye on my website ( for information about new books. Also if you sign up for my newsletter, you will get first notice of all my upcoming projects.

Hope you are having a wonderful fall.

Happy reading!


Sign up for my email newsletter here.


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Butterfly Cove is out!

Hi. Me again.
With more news. Very happy news.

In fact I have been waiting over a year to write this message to you.

A year since I wrote the last sentence.
A year since I closed the last page in the last chapter of book four of my SUMMER ISLAND series.

And today BUTTERFLY COVE finally goes onto bookstore shelves and to ereaders–into your waiting hands.

The story has been long coming. Olivia is different from the strong women in the prior 3 Summer Island books. She seems fragile and she is fragile. But there’s a hidden strength to Olivia that no one seems to suspect.. I always imagine her knitting exquisite pieces of lace in silk and fine alpaca. And I remember that silk is a very strong fiber. Unbreakable.
And that’s Olivia.

So when the right man comes back into her life – the man who was so wrong for her years before — Olivia must find the strength to claim her future and hold tight to the happiness that has been denied to her for too long.

Lucky for Olivia.
She will have three amazing friends to help her.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon. You can also find it for sale in local bookstores, at all Barnes & Noble stores and in all ebook formats.

I hope Butterfly Cove makes you laugh… And then cry.
And then laugh all over again!

I have to confess, this has one of my absolute favorite last chapters of any book I’ve ever written. 🙂

Read it.
You’ll see.

And I don’t want to forget about my favorite historical couple. For three days only, my most recent historical, SEDUCING THE RAKE, is specially priced at Amazon for $.99.
If you missed it before, now’s the time to scoop it up.

And to say thank you, I have a special celebration that starts today.

It’s easy.

Post a review for any of my books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Then email me the link. You’ll be entered in a giveaway to win all four of my Summer Island books – signed of course.

You will also be entered to win a beautiful lace scarf that I am knitting right now.

I’ll be posting pictures shortly.
Progress pictures.

Just to nudge you on. 🙂

So what are you waiting for??
Send a link to your review here.

And happy reading.

With warm regards,

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Such wonderful news. :-)

Seducing the Rake

Seducing the Rake

No. Not that lovely couple above. Yes, the ones from the cover of Seducing the Rake. Although it is pretty wonderful to see a complete new version of that book finally available after all these years.

But the really great news came today from Booklist Magazine. They chose my book, The Accidental Bride, for their top 10 best romances of 2013.

Here’s what they wrote.

I just had to share it with you. 🙂




Wit and wise comedy are cherished hallmarks of the romance genre, and humor sharp and tender abounds in the 10 best titles reviewed in Booklist between September 15, 2012, and September 1, 2013, whether set in Regency England or present-day Wyoming. Not to say that serious matters of trust, faith, and love arent also addressed in these captivating tales.

The Accidental Bride. By Christina Skye. 2012.

Jilly loves being a chef, but the stress is killing her. Off she goes to the Lost Creek Resort in Wyoming for a calming knitting retreat, but instead, she meets Walker Hale.

Wait. Can you guess my favorite part of the review?

Rich with realistically complex characters and subtle wit, the latest addition to Skyes Summer Island series is as warm and comforting as a well-knit afghan. Skye perfectly captures the feel and appeal of small-town life, and this sweetly satisfying romance is an excellent read-alikes suggestion for fans of Debbie Macombers Cedar Cove series or Robyn Carrs Virgin River books.”

—–John Charles


Thanks to Booklist.

What an amazing thrill to be chosen for this prestigious list.

But mostly, I am thrilled for Jilly and Walker. Writers are not supposed to have favorites, but if I did – well, these two would be it!


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Summer News From Christina

Summer News From Christina

Congratulations to Beth Reimer, who has won a hardcover of her choice in any of my series. Hoping we can get a photo of her with the new book.

Watch for another giveaway coming soon.

I’m also thrilled that my next Summer Island contemporary romance, BUTTERFLY COVE, will be on bookstore shelves and available digitally on September 24. This is Olivia’s story at last, and a bittersweet resolution to her difficult life. But what a strong character she has in her quiet way.

And oh what a hero. Seriously. Rafe is a true and amazing hunk. He is also the town bad boy, just back from duty in Afghanistan as a Marine sniper. Now he’s the new town sheriff – and looking up Olivia is the first thing on his list. Sparks fly, guaranteed!

I just have to say that this book has my favorite last chapter I’ve ever written. I would rarely say this, but that ending screams for a movie treatment. 🙂

If you don’t laugh and cry, then laugh all over again–well I will throw in my pen!

And about that movie–I sure hope someone is listening. Lol.

Here is the gorgeous cover.

And here are links for advance purchase.

Buy now

barnes and noble

Book Sense

I am so excited!


But even before Butterfly Cove – i am thrilled to have a completely revised and updated new version of my vintage historical, East of Forever. I made a lot of changes in the story, nothing major in the plot, but loads of dialogue and motivation that make the story much stronger. The characters really hum now. And I’ve given it a gorgeous new cover.

I hope you’ll look for Seducing the Rake, available digitally at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, on August 25.


Buy now


What a wonderful pair of characters! It was so much fun to spend time with Chessy and her arrogant earl again. They both deserved a happy ending.

Meanwhile, hope you’re having a lovely summer with good eating and some really great books.

Happy reading!

Christina Skye



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Butterfly Cove, a brand new Summer Island romance, is finally available for pre-order!

New Release from Christina Skye for You

Butterfly Cove

Butterfly Cove, by Christina Skye

Butterfly Cove (Hqn)

Butterfly Cove (Hqn)
Christina Skye
Release date: September 24, 2013

Kindle Edition: $6.15

Girl’s gone bad…for the town’s new golden boy

Maybe opposites don’t always attract. If they did, architect Olivia Sullivan would have run away with bad boy Rafe Russo when they were teenagers. Instead, Olivia has spent ten years dreaming up designs for a life that hasn’t gone the way she planned. Still reeling from her career’s implosion and her father’s death, Olivia thanks her lucky stars for the support of her three lifelong friends. But this good girl is through sitting on the sidelines. When Rafe returns to the beautiful Oregon coast where they grew up, her former flame ignites a new desire. Now Olivia must take a walk on the wild side to show the new deputy that in matters of love…being bad can feel very good.

Freshly back from Afghanistan, rugged ex-Marine and new deputy Rafe is done breaking laws and hearts. He’s always regretted leaving Olivia behind, but now she’s after adventure and he’d better proceed with caution. Because wanting her again might be easy, but fighting for a future together will be his biggest risk yet.

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Highlights…As promised, here are a few more highlights of the amazing fiber and knitting show in Columbus last month. Color and creativity were everywhere. Wonderful designers and breathtaking yarn.

Just watch famed knitwear designer, Debbie Bliss, knitting. She is totally speed of light, making a sample piece for her fall collection! And she carried on a witty conversation at the same time.

Debbie Bliss

We also had the pleasure of meeting British designer Martin Storey, signing his beautiful new book full of gorgeous designs in ethereal angora. Angora Haze, from Rowan, is full of design inspiration. I particularly love this lace wrap.
Martin Storeylace wrap
(Bette lace wrap. From Angora Haze by Martin Storey.)

But I am very sad. I am allergic to angora. So I will only be able to enjoy these designs from afar.

We also met up with creative crochet designer Doris Chan.

Love her shoes.



Look for Doris’s inventive and striking new book, Convertible Crochet, recently released from the clever folks at Potter Craft.

Have a look. Be prepared to see crochet in a whole new light! I have 3 projects picked out already…. Seriously.

Buy now

Dare to Wear Crochet in More Ways Than One

Convertible Crochet is a brand new way to think about crochet fashion, exploded lace motifs, and flattering silhouettes. Award-winning designer Doris Chan helps you get more out of crochet with these endlessly adaptable patterns and techniques that can work with a variety of different looks, personal styles, and body shapes. You’ll learn to personalize these designs by easily making alterations, adding removable elements, or simply styling the piece in an ingenious new way. Make it once. Wear it again and again.


Fashion show videos coming soon….


Click here to purchase.

American travel expert Kiera Morissey is adept at getting in and out of tight spots. But when a deathbed promise brings Kiera back to Draycott Abbey, she meets rugged Scotsman Calan MacKay, and her life is changed forever. For fifteen years, changed by turns to a swift creature of night, Calan has used his deadly strength and speed to protect. But he wakes with bruises on his body and blood on his hands. And Kiera may be the key to getting his life back.

Calan stirs emotions in Kiera that she’s never felt before. Getting in and out may be her skill, yet she finds it impossible to leave the abbey until she’s unraveled its mysteries, and Calan’s dark secret. But will the shadows from the past and an ancient vow of evil threaten the future they may have together?

Brand New Summer Celebration


We have a BRAND NEW Summer Celebration. Enter your email address here to enter to win a signed hardback book ! The winner can select from either my historical series or my paranormal series. Plus a couple of surprise extras will be sent to you directly as well.

Christina Skye

Draycott Abbey paranormals in digital formats

Some exciting news next. Finally all my early historicals and my first Draycott Abbey paranormals will be available in digital versions. Now that I have the rights to those books, I am editing all of these early stories that I had so much fun writing. Beautiful new covers will round out the exciting package.

I am so thrilled to be able to bring out all of these early books which were never available in digital formats. It has been a huge treat for me to get reacquainted with my first characters that I loved so much. I hope you will love them too!

I’ve taken the opportunity to make some changes in these early editions – it is nice to believe that I have become a stronger writer in the years since these were written. 🙂

In some instances, editors and publishers had definite ideas about the story, and I had to compromise. But in these digital editions there will be no compromises!

Not in text.
Not in character.
Not in plot. Definitely not in covers!

That makes all of these books very special to my heart. I hope that they will sing to you too.

Thanks to Steel Magnolia Press for all their energy, creativity and professionalism. And thanks to you, wonderful readers. More books will be coming. I am also pleased that Nook versions are finally available for several of my books now.

Happy reading!

Come the Night Come the Dawn

Deadly secrets unfold on the lonely English heath where a highwayman pursues his dangerous vow of revenge.

Silver St. Clair has vowed to reclaim her family birthright at any cost, but the precious formula for a rare fragrance coveted by all of fashionable London is lost, hidden somewhere in the misty lavender fields of her Norfolk estate. Now Silver must risk her reputation and her life, striking a wanton bargain with England’s most notorious highwayman, whose price will be her unconditional surrender, her unbridled passion – and her stubborn heart.

Buy now

India, the beautiful and headstrong sister of Come the Night’s hero, Luc Delamere, falls in love with the rakish Devlyn Carlisle during the chaos and uncertainty of war. Though their time together is short, they find a passion neither can forget. But Devlyn is cut down by a French saber at Waterloo, and India’s joy is torn away.

Back in England India struggles to accept her life alone, without the only man she will ever love. But now he is back – with the cold eyes of a stranger. All they shared is forgotten. India will not rest until she discovers who has betrayed Dev, and it will be a job more dangerous than she can imagine.

As they work together, each fighting newly stirred desires, India vows to make the lost earl remember all they once shared, no matter how dangerous to her reputation – and her heart.

Buy now

Come the Night Come the Dawn

Star-crossed strangers uncover old passions in the shadows of hauntingly beautiful Draycott Abbey.

Archeologist Kelly Hamilton follows a trail of secrets to England, tracking a priceless thousand-year-old sword. But the abbey’s beauty hides old dangers, and it will take all Kelly’s courage and her gift of second sight to stay alive.

Rugged ex-Royal Marine Michael Burke wants Kelly gone before sunrise, and will brook no refusal. But Burke is overruled, and in the nights that follow, Kelly’s visions tell her this man is no stranger.

She has known him long before.

As his ardent lover…

Soon the two are pulled under the spell of the moonlit abbey, caught in a sensuous net of white-hot desire.

And all the while an old and dangerous enemy waits to strike.

Buy now


When Draycott Abbey calls bridal expert Kara Fitzgerald to help a man in mortal danger, Kara is helpless to fight the force of her psychic visions. But the man in question, security expert Duncan MacKinnon, has no time for vague warnings, even when they are delivered by a beautiful woman who knows far too much about his private life.

Yet coincidences begin to pile up, and soon the rugged Scotsman wonders if this beautiful stranger could be telling the truth. Determined to find answers, Duncan sweeps Kara north to his castle where, veiled in the Highland mist, the two are caught by blinding desire. Strangest of all are their hotly sensual memories of being lovers … separated centuries before.

Though it defies all logic, Duncan accepts Kara’s visions and her help to confront a boyhood tragedy. For her part, Kara needs Duncan’s strength to help re-awaken the eternal passion that will protect them as an old enemy stalks the crags of Dunraven Castle.

Buy now



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