Rafe’s Guacamole Recipe

Thanks to all of you who enjoyed Rafe and Jilly in The Accidental Bride. Walker and Winslow remain two of my favorite characters. And they certainly have their hands (and paws!) full with Jilly. My kind of crazy chef.

Try this for knitting night. Or book club night. Or anytime you want a great burst of flavor. Just be careful. It is addictive….

Rafe Russo’s Crowd-pleasing Guacamole Recipe

Forget about salsa. This knocks salsa out of the competition. Try it with chips. With rice. With lettuce wraps. With English muffins or black bean soup or chili. As a topping on salad or a hamburger.

The ingredients are limited, but be sure the avocados are newly ripened and with no bruises. It’s all about the avocados! And please – only white onions. Not yellow. Not red. Definitely not Vidalia.

3 ripe avocados, just slightly soft to touch, the shinier the skin, the better
1/2 medium white onion, chopped fine
1 poblano pepper, chopped fine, seeds and membranes removed
2T freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 t. smoked sea salt
Chopped cilantro for topping

Chop white onion. Add chopped pepper. Mix in salt.
Cut avocados in half, remove skin and mash slightly, leaving chunks for texture. Toss with vegetables. Add fresh lime juice and mix well. Sprinkle with cilantro and enjoy immediately.

Optional: add 3 T. chopped fresh tomatoes and crumbles of freshly cooked bacon

PS. Here is Rafe’s secret sauce:
Grill the poblano first. No oil or additives. After the skin is blackened, let cool and then scrape off the outside layer, the inside membranes and the seeds. Proceed as above. This adds a huge flavor pop and makes the dish absolutely