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…because you asked…


  • It was the fragrance of legends…
  • Every cut crystal bottle fueled passion,
  • duels and wildest rumor! A perfect blend of
  • sweetness, with a layer of smoke and spice,
  • the perfume provoked dangerous affairs and
  • innocent adoration.
  • If you have read my book, Come the Night,
  • you will understand all about the legends.
  • Now you can have the secret too.
  • Fuel your own inspiration.
  • Enjoy.


blogimageforrecipeDownload the pdf with Silver’s Lavender Perfume recipe here

Surviving after Downton — Part Two

Another suggestion for the ongoing recovery post-Downton   Do something nice for yourself.  Make it healthy too. Chocolate. Wine. French macarons. Retail therapy at the closest Nordstrom shoe department. I said healthy, remember? Try this recipe for an invigorating body scrub: 3 cups organic coconut sugar 1/2 cup organic coconut oil 5   drops lavender essential oil… Continue Reading