a night of dreams and danger.

Lyon of Greyhaven is an immortal, a Crusader knight torn from the past on a mission of honor–and deadly revenge. Only through magic can Lyon protect the innocence of the stubborn stranger who has learned to trust no one.


a haunting desire passed down through time.

While the deadly fog of a London graveyard closes around them, Lyon and his brave companion will face their darkest fears and test their budding trust. Driven by a brutal attack, the two find haven within Draycott Abbey’s rose-covered walls. With the grudging help of Izzy Teague, the abbey ghost–and some surprising new allies, Lyon and Maddie must test ancient vows and forge the promise of unimaginable passion.

But out in the stormy darkness–their oldest enemies wait.

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Dear reader,

You asked. Again and again you demanded more Draycott Abbey books.

I am thrilled to finally offer up another fast-paced installment–story #13 in the saga of this haunting old house. (Wait–am I suspicious? Just a little.)

Be forewarned. This is no traditional Draycott tale. This is a new, stubbornly independent character for me. I wanted a troubled young woman with a troubled past.

And unfortunately, her difficulties are just beginning….

I hope you will journey with me and Maddie to discover a rich new layer of Abbey secrets. FALLEN begins a breathtaking new series with harrowing villains and a magnificent hero. But never fear. Maddie and Lyon will be back this winter in a new chapter of danger, dark passion and supernatural suspense. The fight has just begun.

See you at the abbey.Christina

PS. If you missed Christmas at Draycott Abbey, it is still available at Amazon.