Welcome to my knitting section. At last, I get to share my other passion, or passion other than writing, with you, my readers and friends! Can we talk? I’m just dying to hear what you think of this new section!

In honor of my coming out I turned one of my heroines into a knitter–Miki of CODE NAME: BLONDIE. Like her, I’ve been a knitter for years. My needles and yarns have been with me through thick and thin, good times and bad–or at least stressful, always at hand when I needed a little escape. When I finally came out of the closet about knitting, I did it on television. I had the great honor of giving a public knitting lesson to Jineane Ford, the host of the local Phoenix news show Midday Arizona.

Part of revealing my yarn addiction also included opening this knitting section on my web site where I’ve begun to collect the Web links that I use. The one I really love is a site that offers (imho) the BEST free patterns in the world:  I’ve also come up with a wristlet pattern suitable for the teenager or young girl in your life, or for the not-so teenaged trendsetter.

Oh, by the way, if you’re at all interested in knitting but don’t know what to do with all the things you create with your needles, here is a list of charities that take donated knitted items:

Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation

Warm up