Playing Hooky…

Playing hooky

So what does a busy writer do when there is a break from finishing a book? Head off to Columbus Ohio for the huge, amazing, wonderful knitting, crochet and needlework convention. This weekend I’m checking out yarn, patterns, needle sets and new knitting books with my dear friend Debbie Macomber. We’re also brainstorming – characters and plots and series ideas. Debbie is one of the most creative people I know, and her skill at creating powerful stories is awesome. Tossing around ideas with her always yields creative gold.

Also – get ready for some exciting news. Yes, it’s book related.

Yes, you’ve been waiting for this. And I have been waiting too!

But first – some crafty inspiration and a few photos

Here we are with talented designer Maggie Jackson. Her Irish tweed projects are works of art, and each design includes a set of unique, hand made buttons. In her designs you will be noticed! Next stop – Atenti designer bags. Here is Debbie with the talented owner. What amazing project and tote bags!
Do you know what this yarn is made of?
100% mink. Soft beyond describing.
Make mine mink, please!
Ysolda Teague. A super talented knitwear designer.
Starting her Orchid Thief lace shawl very soon.
At dinner with knitting wizard Nicky Epstein.
So inspiring.
Here is how much of the amazing desert was left – More soon!

Christina Skye

And some exciting news next.Finally all my early historicals and my first Draycott Abbey paranormals will be available in digital versions. Now that I have the rights to those books back, I am editing all of these early stories that I had so much fun writing. Beautiful new covers will round out the exciting package.

The first two books are available on Amazon now. COME THE NIGHT and COME THE DAWN

Four other historicals will be coming out over the next six months, as I finish scanning and editing each one My writing and my storytelling have both changed in the years since these books were first created and I am delighted to have a chance to update these editions. The new covers are beautiful too.

And I am also thrilled that I have been able to secure rights to my earliest Draycott Abbey books. Those will also be coming out in digital versions for the very first time. Nook editions are in the works also. I haven’t forgotten about those of you who have Nook readers. 🙂

All I can add is that the next few months are going to be very busy!

Come the Night Come the Dawn
Click here to purchase the kindle edition. Click here to purchase the kindle edition.
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