January 2016 First, a very BIG thank you!

It has been a busy and unpredictable year for the world, for publishing and for all of us who love to read and to write books. (I think it is true that every writer started out as a fanatic reader!)

Every New Year’s Day for the last decade savants and economic “experts” have declared that books were passé and that publishing was dead.

Ha. Looks like they were wrong!

There are more published authors than ever before and more titles available than anyone dreamed possible.  Every niche and subject has specialty books easily available.  These are all reasons to celebrate.

Meanwhile, the way we write and read has changed. The way we share our likes and dislikes has changed. Pricing has become a roller coaster and the local corner bookstore that we knew and loved has sadly gone the way of the dinosaur.

But books continue to be near and dear to our hearts  and I pray that never changes, whether we read them on a tablet, listen to them in our cars or enjoy then via our cell phones.

I am optimistic about the potential for new books and new voices.  I savor the idea that new and exotic subjects will find their way into print, when traditional publishers would not have taken a chance on them.

Most of all, keep reading and we as authors will keep writing.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but delving into the secrets of the characters that I love.  And there are many more stories yet to be told, contemporary, historical, suspense  and paranormal.

And for the opening of 2016 I’m thrilled that for the first time a classic Draycott Abbey book is available in digital format. Originally titled Key to Forever, the new book is renamed One Enchanted Night.  If you missed it, grab it HERE. 🙂

I have made some changes throughout and the new cover is extraordinarily moody and dramatic.

Here is a sample. I hope you’ll enjoy this story of  two stubborn lovers and the dangerous secrets both have hidden too long.

I also hope you will look for my beloved Regency historical, Come the Night. For a very short time it is available for free on Amazon.

You can buy it now here on Amazon.

But grab it fast. It won’t be free for long! And really, who can resist a highwayman?

There are more books coming soon, but I will stop here for now.

I hope you savor One Enchanted Night and the search for the haunted sword.

And thank you for enjoying this crazy book publishing adventure along with me.
Have a wonderful 2016.

Happy reading!

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