Downton Abbey….episode 2

So here we are again.

Hours before episode 2. More emotions than before as we move toward the ending notes of that stirring musical score.

By the way, did you know who composed that score? And who his favorite character is to compose for?

(The first person who responds with the two correct answers in the comments on Facebook will win a copy of my newly released digital Draycott Abbey eBook, Key to FOREVER. Yay– I always love a good contest.)

But now for a quick recap of episode 1 – and a spoiler alert for anyone who does NOT intend to watch this season now! Do not read on! Key details ahead…

Did you see that plot twist with Lady Mary coming? I admit, it caught me completely by surprise. The revelation was seeing a nice bit of backbone by Mary in refusing to be blackmailed, no matter the scandal.

(Wait–wasn’t blackmail and scandal for Mary how the whole series began years ago??)

The second revelation for me was her father as the calm and unexpected hero. Cool, quiet, but ruthless in dealing with a scoundrel, he rose perfectly to the occasion. It was a lovely moment indeed. I only wish Lady Mary had shown a hint more true emotion in their conversation. How memorable to see a glint of tears or maybe a touch of a trembling hand for her father. What a lovely scene between the two of them. And perfect for the final season.

But Lady Mary is not exactly known for showing emotion, is she?

Next item in the plot. To me, the conflict between the dowagers is simply not working. Putting their conflict on a personal level would have been so much more effective. While the subject of their hospital dispute is important and relevant to the estate and region, it doesn’t register the emotional impact that a personal conflict might hold.

Quibbles, I know. But I’m grasping at every moment because I went to see Maggie using all her amazing array of acting skills. And all the time the clock is ticking. The age of great estates in England is nearing a melancholy end, while the Crawley family faces the hardest kind of decisions.

Maybe Tom will return a millionaire and rescue the old way of life!

Like so many others, I will be frozen in anticipation tonight as the stirring music begins again.

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