Waiting. Waiting. And more waiting.

It’s official.

I belong to the wrong time. Probably the wrong continent.

I would far rather have had a root canal give up chocolate for six months than forego my Downton evening.  The Oscars just did not compare.  All I could think of was the twisting and unresolved plot lines like a torment.

So now it’s seven more days until I find out if Edith will find eternal bliss.  If Mary will find her courage. If Barrow will find his new employment.

If Carson will stop picking on his new wife’s cooking! I mean, enough already.




But I have a suggestion to fill your time, until the curtain rises again on the shenanigans of the great house.

I suggest you read a wonderful historical, available in a very special offer, from “a writer of immense power.” (Romantic Times Magazine.)

Grab your copy here. Get ready to be transported to 12th century England. (Where the shenanigans are at least equal to the Crawley carryings-on.)


Autumn’s Flame http://www.amazon.com/Autumns-Flame-Seasons-Book-4-ebook/dp/B014S0VV0U

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