Playing Hooky…

Playing hooky

So what does a busy writer do when there is a break from finishing a book? Head off to Columbus Ohio for the huge, amazing, wonderful knitting, crochet and needlework convention. This weekend I’m checking out yarn, patterns, needle sets and new knitting books with my dear friend Debbie Macomber. We’re also brainstorming – characters and plots and series ideas. Debbie is one of the most creative people I know, and her skill at creating powerful stories is awesome. Tossing around ideas with her always yields creative gold.

Also – get ready for some exciting news. Yes, it’s book related.

Yes, you’ve been waiting for this. And I have been waiting too!

But first – some crafty inspiration and a few photos

Here we are with talented designer Maggie Jackson. Her Irish tweed projects are works of art, and each design includes a set of unique, hand made buttons. In her designs you will be noticed! Next stop – Atenti designer bags. Here is Debbie with the talented owner. What amazing project and tote bags!
Do you know what this yarn is made of?
100% mink. Soft beyond describing.
Make mine mink, please!
Ysolda Teague. A super talented knitwear designer.
Starting her Orchid Thief lace shawl very soon.
At dinner with knitting wizard Nicky Epstein.
So inspiring.
Here is how much of the amazing desert was left – More soon!

Christina Skye

And some exciting news next.Finally all my early historicals and my first Draycott Abbey paranormals will be available in digital versions. Now that I have the rights to those books back, I am editing all of these early stories that I had so much fun writing. Beautiful new covers will round out the exciting package.

The first two books are available on Amazon now. COME THE NIGHT and COME THE DAWN

Four other historicals will be coming out over the next six months, as I finish scanning and editing each one My writing and my storytelling have both changed in the years since these books were first created and I am delighted to have a chance to update these editions. The new covers are beautiful too.

And I am also thrilled that I have been able to secure rights to my earliest Draycott Abbey books. Those will also be coming out in digital versions for the very first time. Nook editions are in the works also. I haven’t forgotten about those of you who have Nook readers. 🙂

All I can add is that the next few months are going to be very busy!

Come the Night Come the Dawn
Click here to purchase the kindle edition. Click here to purchase the kindle edition.
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Fallen, by Christina Skye

Spring 2012 News from Christina Skye


a night of dreams and danger.

Lyon of Greyhaven is an immortal, a Crusader knight torn from the past on a mission of honor–and deadly revenge. Only through magic can Lyon protect the innocence of the stubborn stranger who has learned to trust no one.


a haunting desire passed down through time.

While the deadly fog of a London graveyard closes around them, Lyon and his brave companion will face their darkest fears and test their budding trust. Driven by a brutal attack, the two find haven within Draycott Abbey’s rose-covered walls. With the grudging help of Izzy Teague, the abbey ghost–and some surprising new allies, Lyon and Maddie must test ancient vows and forge the promise of unimaginable passion.

But out in the stormy darkness–their oldest enemies wait.


Dear reader,

You asked. Again and again you demanded more Draycott Abbey books.

I am thrilled to finally offer up another fast-paced installment–story #13 in the saga of this haunting old house. (Wait–am I suspicious? Just a little.)

Be forewarned. This is no traditional Draycott tale. This is a new, stubbornly independent character for me. I wanted a troubled young woman with a troubled past.

And unfortunately, her difficulties are just beginning….

I hope you will journey with me and Maddie to discover a rich new layer of Abbey secrets. FALLEN begins a breathtaking new series with harrowing villains and a magnificent hero. But never fear. Maddie and Lyon will be back this winter in a new chapter of danger, dark passion and supernatural suspense. The fight has just begun.

See you at the abbey.Christina

PS. If you missed Christmas at Draycott Abbey, it is still available at Amazon–and coming soon in a print edition. Stay tuned for all the details.

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Christmas At Draycott Abbey, by Christina Skye

Christmas At The AbbeyDear reader,

As the eve of Christmas has passed, my story is done. The candle flame has guttered and Adrian walks once more.

On this long night he and all within the weathered granite walls will be tested, just as they were tested long before….

I hope you will join me as a new tale unfolds now. Purchase Christmas At Draycott Abbey at

I’ll be waiting for you at the abbey…..

Christina Skye

Ian Sinclair stood in the darkness, watching rain hammer at the French doors and the ancient granite bridge. Tonight the abbey was quiet, deserted and dark. No Viscount Draycott and family in residence. No glittering social nights or charity events.

Just shadows. Only silence and a sense of history so strong it was almost physical. This was how Ian preferred the old abbey.

Lightning tore at the sky, outlining the great oak and the home wood beyond.

Wind lashed at the old casement windows as the storm’s fury grew. Odd weather for December, Ian thought. There had already been flooding reported near Winchelsea and Rye. But no snow.

Very odd.

Suddenly the dog near his chair sat up. Dark ears pricked back as the big animal stared out into the night. Then the dog shot upright, racing forward to press against the glass doors.

“What is it, Churchill? What do you hear?”

Ian stood up slowly and rubbed his leg. Was it more terrorists?

More people from one of a thousand missions he had carried out for the government over the past ten years?

The tall man by the fire closed his eyes. He was twenty-nine, damn it. He was getting too old to run down assassins and jump off roofs. The last mission in Paris had proved that.

The big brown dog turned and then sat down, body rigid. He was well trained, experienced from long years working with Ian. And that single movement meant only one thing.


Ian’s face was grim as he slid his Beretta into his holster and went to calm the dog at the door.

No one was expected here at the abbey. No visitors or deliveries of any sort.

As he smoothed his dog’s lean, angular head, Ian sensed the keen intelligence and the need to hunt.

Ian understood that need too. Sometimes, when the madness came in the late hours and the dark memories piled up, he too needed to hunt. Only the feel of the cold night air and the pounding of his blood would help him forget…

So they would hunt tonight.

“Go. Find them,” Ian ordered, throwing open the door. “I’ll be right behind you.”

The dog bounded out in one powerful leap.

Ian stood for long moments, studying the distant woods. Was there a light, up near the Witch’s Pool?

He pulled on his old tweed coat, feeling a sharp stab of warning.

Wind swirled through the room and the firelight jumped dizzily behind him.

His eyes hardened as another light brushed the darkness on the high ridge beyond the moat.

He prayed that the hunting would be good this night….



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Christmas At The Abbey

Christmas At The AbbeyDear reader,

This is my favorite time of year. I love bundling under a warm blanket to read and dream–and plan new books! This year, to celebrate the season, I wanted to offer you something very special.

Not a shiny gift card.

Not a calorie-laden box of candy. (Well, I did consider that!)

Instead this year I have a story for you. Sit down and be comfortable while I whisper a tale of loss, of love betrayed and found again. It has haunted me for months and Adrian demanded that I get every detail right. He was there, after all. It is his story too.

Next week a brand new Draycott Abbey tale will be heading your way. I know that you have been asking for another installment again and again. Now it’s almost here.

Keep your eyes on and along with my Facebook page for all the details.

This story is my very special gift to you as the year ends.

While Christmas draws near and the first snowfall of winter veils the abbey, old hatreds spring to life. They will bring danger to a woman betrayed by those she trusts most. Wounded and lost, she will seek haven within the abbey’s ancient granite walls. But her enemies are closer than she knows.

Only one man can save her. And he has been dead for 200 years.

I’ll be waiting for you at the abbey…..

Christina Skye


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A Home By The Sea

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Everything I need to know about life….

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Looking at 50 years of Bond

Yes, it’s been fifty years since Britain’s first license-to-kill operative blew onto the screen. We’ve been shaken, not stirred with all kinds of dangers and the deceptions through 23 movies. The cars get flashier, the gadgets more outrageous. And though Bonds come and go, the franchise still entices.



Is it because of the heroism? The dangerous secrets and betrayal? The sense of duty that outweighs all other considerations? Or maybe it is all of the above.

Daniel Craig brings a sense of gravity and a beleaguered intelligence, which together balance his sheer ruthlessness. I think he is the best Bond yet.

And for cheeky humor:

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More Bond? Yes please.


THIS is traditional craft. Tailoring. Cut. Subtle fabric choices. Lovely to see some old traditions continued. Even if I have to say it. I do think the new Bond suits were too tight. Some traditions should not be changed….

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Finally it’s blog time!

Full disclosure.

No excuses. I am very late to the blog party. But I am here at last, ready to ramble on about things that interest me. Things like accurate research. Great food. Artisanal chocolate. Travel. Single varietal chocolate. Or maybe some other kinds of chocolate. This week I am prepping some quick but delicious recipes to share with you in time for holiday parties and family gatherings. Why? Because I love to cook. Love. To. Cook.

And I’ll share my very favorite recipes as we count down to the end of the year.

Things like poblano chile peppers baked with sharp cheese, carmelized onions and bacon. Bacon deviled eggs (recipe via a dear friend — more about that later!) Tortilla soup. Chocolate custard.

Yum. First recipe coming soon.

Meanwhile, have you seen the new Bond movie? What did you think of his new suits? Skin tight much? If you missed the whole flap about the new Bond look, in a nutshell a lot of people think Bond wasn’t nearly as sartorial this time around. Fabric too tight. Shoulders too narrow. Pants that pulled up. The tailoring was trendy to an extreme. Not at all like the bastion of taste we have come to expect.


Yes, we could talk about serious things like world peace and a cure for the common cold. And we will! But meanwhile….why not weigh in on the new Bond look? What do you say? One martini, shaken not stirred, up? Or down?



While you make up your mind, here’s a clip of OO7 with his new Quartermaster. 🙂 I love this casting. Unexpected. Quirky. But it absolutely works for me!


“Or not pulled. It’s hard to know which — in your pajamas.”








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